artist statement

Originally from and now living in Caithness, Magi has an natural affinity for wild places in the north of Scotland, typified by vast low landscapes and huge skies.

As a landscape artist, locations of interest are revisited at various times of the year as they are transformed by changing seasons, weather and play of light. Her particular interest lies in closely observing the small details in the landscape, things often overlooked – patterns and textures and the intrigue of the plants that cling on and thrive in such isolated places.


The current body of work is based on a vast area of peatland bog known as the Flow Country in the middle of the counties of Sutherland and Caithness. The Flows are an ancient land, rare and tender and full of unexpected plants and wildlife which all thrive in the acidic terrain. The Dubh Lochans form aerial pool patterns over the land and mirror the sky. The colourful sphagnum moss which forms most of the peat, pushes out of the water forming distinctive hummocks, like miniature islands in the pools which are bursting with plant life and in turn comes theinsects and wildlife.


Large drawings, etchings and paintings are utilised to convey a sense of being in the land and appreciation of the impermanence of such landscapes.